Here's What You Can Expect to Learn During the Summit

  • Learn to live the life your were born to live instead of the life you believe you should live or the life someone else wanted you to live.
  • Learn to reconnect with your passion and purpose and as a result live more consciously and age wisely.
  • Learn about the incredible power that resides in your mind, how to make your mind matter and how using your mind effectively can allow you to create the kind of life you want to live.
  • Learn about Living Bliss, about how conscientiousness is the key to a vital, healthy and successful life.  Discover the part the hormone oxytocin plays in all of this and how it can be a key to improving the quality of your life..
  • Learn to move past limiting and restrictive beliefs about the human brain, the false notion that our brains lose their power as we age. Instead discover the science behind and the miracle of aging with power and passion.
  • Learn about The Hero's Journey, about the mythic value of each life and how myths offer codes and pathways, maps and roads that can make life an adventure of self-discovery on which you can "learn to thrive not just survive."
  • Learn how to create resilience in these challenging time, to move past old beliefs and into "the new normal" where you can capitalize on opportunities and celebrate your life
  • Learn how science and consciousness have now become allies that can contribute to more empowered, constructive and valuable you.
  • Learn that although the world may be in crisis, you do not have to be.  Discover that resilience is not a genetic gift that just a few possess, but something we can all learn and that in learning to be resilient we learn to live healthy and more joyful lives.
  • Learn some simple, yet powerful techniques to help you revitalize, balance and re-engage confidently in your best life ever.
  • Learn empowering perspectives to support you in sustaining an empowered and enlivened life.

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